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Navigating the Catalog

The awesome-gee-community catalog is designed to be completely compatible with the existing GEE master catalog. It is also designed to be as open and exploratory as possible. The catalog is grouped by domains for example datasets that belong to themes about Population and Socioeconomics will be within that group and you should be able to expand and look at the datasets.


You can also search by dataset name or keywords or tags in the search bar.


Each page also includes the assets for each datasets as well some example code for you to explore and load the dataset quickly. You can also add the entire catalog examples as a repo now so you can search for and use the dataset. But don't stop there bring new datasets to the catalog, suggest things we can add and share back examples you make with the data. Explore how to do this and more in the Getting started section.

If you use geeadd: Google Earth Engine Batch Asset Manager with Addons you can also search both the main catalog and the community catalog using that tool.