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Global Surface water and groundwater salinity measurements (1980-2019)

This data contains a new global salinity database, compiled from electrical conductivity (EC) monitoring data of both surface water (rivers, lakes/reservoirs) and groundwater locations over the period 1980-2019. The database includes information from over 16.3 million samples, from 45,103 surface water locations and 208,550 groundwater locations around the world.

The database consists of three categories; 1. River Data 2. Lake/Reservoir Data 3. Groundwater Data

Each category have two associated data files in csv-format, one containing the full salinity data, and one summary file currently the full salinity datasets are ingested. You can download the dataset here. You can read the article here

Data Citation

Thorslund, Josefin; van Vliet, Michelle T H (2020): A global salinity dataset of surface water
and groundwater measurements from 1980-2019. PANGAEA,

Paper Citation

Thorslund, Josefin, and Michelle TH van Vliet. "a global dataset of surface water and groundwater
salinity measurements from 1980–2019." Scientific Data 7, no. 1 (2020): 1-11.


Earth Engine Snippet

var groundwater = ee.FeatureCollection("projects/sat-io/open-datasets/global_water_salinity/groundwaters_database");
var rivers = ee.FeatureCollection("projects/sat-io/open-datasets/global_water_salinity/rivers_database");
var lakes_reservoir = ee.FeatureCollection("projects/sat-io/open-datasets/global_water_salinity/lakes_reservoirs_database");

Sample Code:


This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License ( Users are free to use, copy, distribute, transmit, and adapt the work for commercial and non-commercial purposes, without restriction, as long as clear attribution of the source is provided.

Created by: Thorslund et al

Curated by: Samapriya Roy

Keywords: : electrical conductivity, groundwater monitoring, Salinity, surface water, lakes, reservoirs

Last updated: 2021-11-25