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Soil Grids 250m v2.0

SoilGrids is designed as a globally consistent, data-driven system that predicts soil properties and classes using global covariates and globally fitted models. If you are looking for soil information on national and/or local levels we advise to compare SoilGrids predictions with soil maps derived from national and local soil geographical databases. National soil maps are usually based on more detailed input soil information and therefore are often more accurate than SoilGrids (within the local coverage area). For an overview of national and regional soil databases, please refer to the Soil Geographic Databases compendium. The ‘mean’ and ‘median (0.5 quantile)’ may both be used as predictions of the soil property for a given cell. The mean represents the ‘expected value’ and provides an unbiased prediction of the soil property.

Name Description Mapped units Conversion factor Conventional units Assets on GEE
bdod Bulk density of the fine earth fraction cg/cm³ 100 kg/dm³ bdod_mean
cec Cation Exchange Capacity of the soil mmol©/kg 10 cmol©/kg cec_mean
cfvo Volumetric fraction of coarse fragments (> 2 mm) cm3/dm3 (vol‰) 10 cm3/100cm3 (vol%) cfvo_mean
clay Proportion of clay particles (< 0.002 mm) in the fine earth fraction g/kg 10 g/100g (%) clay_mean
nitrogen Total nitrogen (N) cg/kg 100 g/kg nitrogen_mean
phh2o Soil pH pHx10 10 pH phh2o_mean
sand Proportion of sand particles (> 0.05 mm) in the fine earth fraction g/kg 10 g/100g (%) sand_mean
silt Proportion of silt particles (≥ 0.002 mm and ≤ 0.05 mm) in the fine earth fraction g/kg 10 g/100g (%) silt_mean
soc Soil organic carbon content in the fine earth fraction dg/kg 10 g/kg soc_mean
ocd Organic carbon density hg/dm³ 10 kg/dm³ ocd_mean
ocs Organic carbon stocks t/ha 10 kg/m² ocs_mean


Poggio, L., de Sousa, L. M., Batjes, N. H., Heuvelink, G. B. M., Kempen, B., Ribeiro, E., and Rossiter, D.: SoilGrids 2.0: producing soil information for the globe with quantified spatial uncertainty, SOIL, 7, 217–240,, 2021.


Earth Engine Snippet

var isric_bdod_mean = ee.Image("projects/soilgrids-isric/bdod_mean");
var isric_cec = ee.Image("projects/soilgrids-isric/cec_mean");
var isric_cfvo = ee.Image("projects/soilgrids-isric/cfvo_mean");
var isric_clay = ee.Image("projects/soilgrids-isric/clay_mean");
var isric_sand = ee.Image("projects/soilgrids-isric/sand_mean");
var isric_silt = ee.Image("projects/soilgrids-isric/silt_mean");
var isric_nitrogen = ee.Image("projects/soilgrids-isric/nitrogen_mean");
var isric_phh20 = ee.Image("projects/soilgrids-isric/phh2o_mean");
var isric_soc = ee.Image("projects/soilgrids-isric/soc_mean");
var isric_ocd = ee.Image("projects/soilgrids-isric/ocd_mean");
var isric_ocs = ee.Image("projects/soilgrids-isric/ocs_mean");

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