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Global high-resolution floodplains (GFPLAIN250m)

The GFPLAIN250m includes raster data of Earth's floodplains identified using a geomorphic approach presented in Nardi et al. (2006, 2018). The 250m floodplain dataset is derived by processing the NASA SRTM Digital Elevation model gathered from, and in particular the 250-m SRTM version 4.1 DTM. The coding used for each continent and additional information are detailed in the metadata included in the GFPLAIN250m data repository. You can find the dataset here

You can read the full paper here. The elevation data are processed by a fast geospatial tool for floodplain mapping available for download at As per the paper, the GFPLAIN250m dataset can support many applications, including flood hazard mapping, habitat restoration, development studies, and the analysis of human-flood interactions.

Disclaimer: Whole or parts of the dataset description was provided by the author(s) or their works.

Paper Citation

Nardi, F. et al. GFPLAIN250m, a global high-resolution dataset of Earth’s floodplains.
Sci. Data. 6:180309 doi: 10.1038/sdata.2018.309 (2019).

Data Citation

Nardi, Fernando; Annis, Antonio (2018): GFPLAIN250m. figshare. Dataset.


Earth Engine Snippet

var gfplain250 =  ee.ImageCollection("projects/sat-io/open-datasets/GFPLAIN250")

Sample Code:


This work is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

Created by: Nardi, F. et al

Curated by: Samapriya Roy

Keywords: Floodplain, Digital Elevation Model (DEM), Terrain analysis, river networks, landscape features

Last updated: 2018-11-11