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geeSEBAL-MODIS Continental scale ET for South America

The geeSEBAL-MODIS Version 0-02 Evapotranspiration (ET) product is an 8-day product produced at 500 meter pixel resolution. The algorithm for ET calculation is based on the SEBAL model and the FAO Penman-Monteith equation, which includes inputs of daily meteorological reanalysis data along with MODIS remotely sensed data products such as vegetation property dynamics, albedo, land cover and land surface temperature (LST).

The pixel values for the layers are the average of all eight days within the period, multiplied by 1000. Images must be multiplied by 0.001 for the actual values. Note that the last 8-day period of each year is a 5 or 6-day composite period, depending on the year. The dataset is available from 2002-07-01 to 2022-12-31. Band information is the following

Name Description Min Max Units Scale Offset
ET_24h Daily actual evapotranspiration 0 6601 mm day-1 0.001 0
FE Evaporative fraction 0 1017 [-] 0.001 0
ETr Reference evapotranspiration -220 7543 mm day-1 0.001 0
Rn24h_G Daily average net radiation -84478 198081 w m-2 0.001 0
LE Instantaneous latent heat flux 0 2478572 w m-2 0.001 0
H Instantaneous sensible heat flux -829456 964618 w m-2 0.001 0
Rn Instantaneous net radiation -5435 753836 w m-2 0.001 0
G Instantaneous soil heat flux -2039206 102284 w m-2 0.001 0
End_Members Cold and hot endmember candidates. Pixels with -1.0 values are cold candidates and pixels equal to 1.0 are hot endmember candidates. -121 172 [-] 0.001 0
LST_lat Land surface temperature, corrected by the adiabatic lapse rate and normalized by the solar zenith angle. 272879 330413 K 0.001 0
LST_dem Land surface temperature, corrected by the adiabatic lapse rate 254456 331505 K 0.001 0

Citation Preprint

Comini, Bruno & Ruhoff, Anderson & Laipelt, Leonardo & Fleischmann, Ayan & Huntington, Justin & Morton, Charles & Melton, Forrest & Erickson,
Tyler & Roberti, Débora & Souza, Vanessa & Biudes, Marcelo & Machado, Nadja & Santos, Carlos & Cosio, Eric. (2023). geeSEBAL-MODIS: Continental
scale evapotranspiration based on the surface energy balance for South America. 10.13140/RG.2.2.17579.11041.


Code Snippet

var geesebal = ee.ImageCollection("projects/et-brasil/assets/geesebal/myd11a2/sa/v0-02")

Sample Code:


The datset is made available under a CC-BY-4.0 license.

Curated by: Bruno Comini de Andrade, Anderson Ruhoff, Leonardo Laipelt

Keywords: evapotranspiration, South America, water resources

Last updated: 2023-03-26