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Mississippi River Basin Floodplain Land Use Change (1941-2000)

A comprehensive dataset quantifying floodplain land use change along the 3.3 million km2 Mississippi River Basin (MRB) covering 60 years (1941–2000) at 250-m resolution.


Rajib, A., Zheng, Q., Golden, H.E, Wu, Q., Lane, C.R., Christensen, J.R., Morrison, R.R., Annis, A., & Nardi, F.  (2021). The changing face of
floodplains in the Mississippi River Basin detected by a 60-year land use change dataset. _Scientific Data_, 8, 271.

Earth Engine Snippet

var MRB_boundary = ee.FeatureCollection('users/giswqs/MRB/MRB_Boundary');
var floodplain = ee.Image('users/giswqs/MRB/USGS_Floodplain');
var img_1950 = ee.Image('users/giswqs/MRB/Major_Transitions_1941_1950');
var img_1960 = ee.Image('users/giswqs/MRB/Major_Transitions_1941_1960');
var img_1970 = ee.Image('users/giswqs/MRB/Major_Transitions_1941_1970');
var img_1980 = ee.Image('users/giswqs/MRB/Major_Transitions_1941_1980');
var img_1990 = ee.Image('users/giswqs/MRB/Major_Transitions_1941_1990');
var img_2000 = ee.Image('users/giswqs/MRB/Major_Transitions_1941_2000');

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This dataset is shared under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International License

Provided by: Rajib et al 2021

Curated by: Qiusheng Wu

Keywords: land use, floodplain, Mississippi River Basin, hydrology, river basin, ecysostems

Last updated: October 2021