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Insiders program


The awesome GEE community catalog insiders program is designed for those who are helping keep open source projects sustainable and support the growth and curation of the catalog. As such this program is for sponsors and data contributors to the project you can sponsor the project by clicking on the sponsor button above ☝ or submit a new dataset request for example using this template. If you fit under any of those categories fill this form to get insiders access.

What do you get when you sign up for the Insiders program?

  • You are added to a Google Group called catalog-contributors
  • This will give you early access to certain datasets as they are being processed, reviewed and some unreleased yet.
  • You will also recieve changelog and updates emails once in a while and you can post to the google group with questions, concerns and thoughts

Any and all support is appreciated you can sponsor the project using the sponsorship links as well as contributing and helping data curation for the catalog.You can now find a list of insiders only datasets within the catalog for easily locating these.

All datasets that are part of the insiders’ program are released within a few months to the general catalog, along with the monthly release cycle for the catalog.